REC Group Unveil its Newest Solar Panel at Intersolar Europe

REC Group announces the launch of a new high-efficiency solar panel at Intersolar Europe 2022. By delivering another high-power density innovation, customers are enabled to maximize the output of their rooftop installations and energy independence. The new panel is scheduled to start production in August 2022 at REC's Industry 4.0 facility in Singapore.


Writing the next chapter


The latest solar panel will continue a trailblazing success story of the largest European solar panel brand with 25-year history. The REC Alpha Series was launched as the world's most powerful 60-cell format solar panel at its spectacular unveiling during Intersolar Europe in 2019. In doing so, REC took a bold decision to mass produce solar cells and panels using one of the most advanced cell technologies, heterojunction (HJT). In 2021, REC launched the REC Alpha Pure panel, a successor with higher power density, yet is even more sustainable as REC eliminated lead content, making this the first RoHS-compliant solar panel in the lineup.


Now, in 2022, REC is writing the next chapter. Full details of the new product are under wraps until the official launch event on May 11 at 4:00 pm at REC's booth A2.380, but the main benefits are clear and in line with what REC is standing for: combining high power density with sustainable practices to empower homeowners and businesses to gain energy independence and make a strong contribution to protect the environment.


Inspiration for the industry


Bold innovations are more important than ever, as Jan Enno Bicker, CEO at REC explains: "As climate change mitigation and solar PV's role here grow in importance, we need to be more sustainable too. Bold innovations that increase power densities and energy yield over the lifetime of an installation are vital to offset more CO2 emissions. REC is also continuously reducing its own resource consumption, eliminating hazardous materials and increasing circularity. All our products embody these principles and we are confident this responsible path will inspire the solar industry."


First live product launch since 2019


Anticipation is running high for the upcoming product launch event, the first time in three years that REC has unveiled a new product at a live industry show. The year 2022 also marks Intersolar Europe's first full-scale live event since 2019, and this year promises a return to the accustomed buzz and energy of Europe's biggest solar industry tradeshow.