210mm × 210mm 12BB Bifacial Mono PERC Cell

Size: 210mm × 210mm (diameter 295 ± 0.25mm) Thickness (cell): 190 ± 20 μm Front(-):Silicon dioxide + blue nitride composite anti-reflection film (PID free);Three-Segment design,12 roots bus bar and 120-180 roots fingers;The bus bar width is 0.06±0.02mm with three-Segment design, and the bus bar has two forks head (size (1.3±0.2)mm × (1.0±0.1) mm) ;the size of 4 padsat the junction of bus bar and the fingers is (1.2±0.2)mm × (0.5±0.2)mm. Back(+):AlOX and SiNX dual layer and rear contact; the rear electrode is composed of 12 roots rear compound bus bar and 150-250 roots rear Al fingers,8 sections,1.4±0.3 mm silver anode.


210mm 12BB Bifacial Mono PERC Cell


Mono Solar Cell