158.75mm × 158.75mm 5BB Mono PERC Solar Cell

Size: 158.75mm × 158.75mm ± 0.25mm (diameter 223mm ± 0.5mm) Thickness (cell): 190μm ± 20μm Front (-): Silicon dioxide + blue silicon nitride composite anti-reflective film (PID Free);busbar width: 0.7±0.1 mm, the secondary grid lines are 116;the head of the bus bar is forked,among which 2 spinal Ag bars parallel to each of the busbars. Back(+):Rear side of bifacial cell: AlOx and SiNx dual layer;18±0.3 mm Ag electrode is embedded in rear bus bar; each Ag electrode is exposed SiNx at both ends as 1.3±0.6mm. Back(+):Rear side of mono facial cell:AlOx and SiNx dual layer rear contact;The width and length of the Ag electrode is 1.7±0.3mm and 18±1mm respectively;each Ag electrode is exposed SiNx 1.3±0.6mm SiNx at both ends.


158.75mm × 158.75mm 5BB Bifacial Mono PERC Solar Cell


Mono Solar Cell